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Blog Hop Interview

Armand Brac from dailyphotomontage invited me to take part to a world wide blog hop by answering 4 questions about the work I present here and inviting 3 artists to do the same on June 30th (2 of them answered so far…):

- Waldemar Strempler (Germany)
- Andrew M. Bond (USA)

What am i working on?

I work on collages, paintings, songs and poems. My blog is dedicated to paper collages for more than one year now, and i don’t feel the urge to publish other media here for the moment, though it will probably happen someday, as I try to make my different practices come together.

My practice of collage emerged as a side activity of other mixed media works, by re-using scraps from them, or fresh colors from the palette before they dry, enabling faster composition, on smaller scales. I generally enjoy the use of miscellaneous materials, and paper progressively appeared to be an endless source of diversity and contrasts on its own.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

It’s hard to say as I’m not a mad image consumer. I don’t aim for originality as a central goal, but i try everytime to elaborate something that maintains mystery to my own eyes, partly fullfilling a vision and partly trying to go beyond it. I attach importance to the tangible aspects of the object I’m making: the volume, the matter, the scale, all things that are not always essential on a scanned image displayed on a screen.

Why do I create what I do?

On a general level, I get to work to feel a grip on reality, to unite and make perceptible various energies that usually work in divergent or silent ways. “Willing emancipates”, thus spoke Zarathustra… The discipline of collage specifically offers a great freedom, probably because it’s only 100years old, but mainly because its concept is: associate and see! The coexistence of graphic elements separated by huge gaps of time, scale, quality, intention, is almost a prerequisite in collage and their connections often end to be as interesting as the visual result. In that way the field of collages seems particularly wide and forward-looking, enriched by all arts and crafts that can be printed or noted.

How does my creating process work ?

The support media dictates a lot of the rest; its thickness, roughness, cleanliness, wear and tear, the tint and intensity of its color etc. Sometimes it needs preparation, sometimes it’s better just raw.
I often work and paste quickly, when the elements I see lying around seem to fit in easely. But I have very slow sessions too, where I review sources, cut pieces, try compositions, and leave unpasted or unfinished result for months. These provide pieces for more active sessions.
I frequently intervene directly on the on-going work with all kinds of paint, chalk, ink, to add marks, color or matters independently from the papers available, and express a personal and present appropriation of the images used.

Here’s an example of 3 successive steps of the same collage, published a few weeks ago (final version on the right):


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(12.4 x 18.5 cm) - Collaboration with Armand Brac

(12.4 x 18.5 cm) Collaboration with Armand Brac

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